AlguzarA and Free Rider 2

Here are the news.
Older news are in the bottom, and the newer ones are on top. (duh!)
If you want , comment them.
Im back!!
After months of inactiveness in the page im finally back! Im quite sure nobody will read this but oh well, just incase.
"Be Smart" Series!
Yes ,a little surprise xD!.
You gotta think to pass those maps.
They are named "Be smart #X".
Try them and remember to comment them!
Too less visits!
Come on guys , advertise this site!
Tell your friends!
Soon i will have some exams so i may need to study...
That means that i may not create a map daily.
So sorry!
Now i start creating maps with scenary!
Some people mailed me asking why i don't put scenary on my maps. Heres the answer ^__^

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